I am a mother of two beautiful kids who are the sunshine of my life. I have a boy’s name (Eugene) due to an unfortunate documentation error on my first passport application. New York is the third major city I've lived in, but the first one that I've enjoyed with my kids. We are always amazed and thankful for the possibilities that the city offers. I am also a huge fan of ballet.

My obsession with taking photos of people I care about started long ago with a point and shoot camera. Later on, after getting a DSLR, I became obsessed with capturing important moments in my life. I subsequently trained at the International Center for Photography (ICP) in New York. And yes, I carry my camera every where.

I call myself a 'natural light photographer' as I believe it gives us the most unpredictable and spectacular perspectives. I also get emotional whenever I see baby photos, and enjoy documenting every stage of little humans' lives.

Please contact me to discuss how I could work with you.